[VIDEO]Mile 12 Market: How food blockade affected prices of tomato, pepper, onion

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Mile 12 Market: How food blockade affected prices of tomato, pepper, onion

By Precious Chukwudi & Damilola Ogunsakin

It’s been one week since the northern traders agreed to resume the supply of food items to southern states, thereby ending the blockade.

The blockade had resulted in scarcity and an increase in the prices of food items in the south.

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Vanguard visited the popular Mile 12 international market, also known as “the Lagos Food Market”, for situation reports on the prices of foodstuffs.

The welcoming site was a swarm of trucks carrying various food items, waiting to be offloaded.

Speaking to Vanguard, Chairman of the Onions Sellers Association spoke about how most of his customers started panic buying and that he never increased the prices of his commodities until his stock reduced.

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Below are the prices of some food items as influenced by the blockade:


A basket of tomatoes before the strike was between N3,500 and N4,500.

During the strike a basket was within the price range of N25,000 and N38,000.

A crate of tomato before the strike was N1,500 and N2,800.

During the strike, it was between N11,000 and N13,000.

After the strike it is between N7,500 and N9,000


Before the strike: N10,000/N11,000 per bag.

During the strike: N15,000/N30,000.

After the strike: N11,000/N14,000.


Before the strike a bag of pepper (Atarodo): N6,000/N7,000.

During the strike: N12,000/N13,000.

After the strike: N3,000/N4,500

Besides the variations in prices, Vanguard also conducted vox pop on the controversial blockade and other matters surrounding it. Watch the video below:

[embedded content]

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