My passion is to positively impact on the society, says Precious Ese Erhauyi

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Precious Ese Erhauy

By Moses Nosike

Precious Ese Erhauyi is one of the many young Nigerians who believes in hardwork, diligent that guarantees success in life. He is the 2nd runner up at the recently concluded, Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show. Excerpts:

For the sake of this interview, kindly introduce yourself…

My name is Precious Ese Erhauyi also known as Daprech. I am a 29 year old male, born in Obozogbe Niro, Orhionmwon Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria. I’m a graduate nurse of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. Having been raised by an uneducated single mum from the hood part of Edo State, Nigeria, where purpose is alien to everyone around, I had to make a choice to rise against all odds, challenging the status quo, to being an inspiration to many from far and near.

 I was privileged to serve as the vice-president of The Apostolic Church Students’ Fellowship of Nigeria (TACSFON), Ambrose Alli University chapter, 2014/2015 academic session; where the intricacies of leadership were developed, and the seed of purpose was planted, with tangible proofs of the hand of God upon my life.

 I have published and launched my first book, “I Have A Son to Bless” in 2016; a book that carefully unveils the redemptive rights of the believer in Christ Jesus, with a few sales in Nigeria, Spain, Belgium and United States. I am not just a passionate writer, but also an eloquent speaker, with the continual outpouring of the peaceful wisdom of God’s Word in my ministrations.

 I have a unique gift to minister to the core of the wounded, damaged, and unacceptable, having been a victim of emotional neglect myself while growing up. My passion and unlikely life experiences put me on the right spot to reach many, who seem too far away from the pulpit.

I learnt you participated in the just concluded Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show, how did it go and what was your position?

Yeah, I was one of the 25 housemates/busmates of the Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show. It was a one month show full of remarkable and unforgettable experiences; starting from the daily rigorous tasks, to the numerous business training, while we stretched ourselves to harness the untapped gifts and potentials in each and everyone of us.

 The show was worth every time and energy invested. Every housemate was a fighter, especially the 12 finalists. The major highlight for me was when our marketing and pricing strategy were put to the test. We were given the sum of 10,000 naira to buy goods and resell at the popular Ajah market, Lagos, with the aim to make profit. Fortunately, my group won the task with a total profit of 29,000 naira. 

Thereafter, the entire capital and profits from every group was given to one of the women selling at the market; our way to give back to the community. It was a worthwhile experience. We also had a firsthand experience of what it feels like to make a living selling to passers-by and on traffic.

The show produced three winners, and I emerged as the second runner up of the Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show season one.

How do you intend to promote your career and as a 2nd runner up, what will you do with the cash?

My first goal when coming to the show was to be seen and have a platform I can leverage on, at least. As a graduate nurse, I’ve always dreamed of being a USRN (United States Registered Nurse), and it takes a high level of financial commitment to see this dream come true. So, a part of my proceeds from the show will go for the actualization of this dream, hoping for support as I tread this path.

 As a second runner up, I intend to be more intentional about building my brand as a writer, author, and speaker. I will increase my social media presence, creating enriching and life changing contents on my pages, as well as my podcast channel, “The Missing Truth (TMT) podcast.” Finally, I plan to embark on a pet project around my niche as both a medical professional and a minister to reach out to the community, in order to give back in my own little way, as well as instill hope and confidence among beneficiaries.

As a graduate nurse, writer, and public speaker, what’s your plan for the future?

The future is bright! Hey, that’s not just a cliché, it is a statement of fact and truth from someone who has a blueprint of what his life will turn out to be, with every decision to support the same. As earlier said, I’m seeing myself being a USRN (United States Registered Nurse) in the nearest future, with God’s help of course. 

As a writer, author, and speaker, I’ll be publishing more titles soon, as well as creating audio and video contents for my podcast channel, “The Missing Truth (TMT) podcast.” At the moment, I am done with the manuscript of my second title, “The Power of A Discovered Purpose,” while working on the third manuscript.

 I see myself being a multiple New York Times bestselling author, renowned speaker, and a global figure some day, maybe sooner than I anticipated. However, I’m certain it will happen. So, fingers crossed!

With your experience in Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show as an Ambassador, how do you intend to strengthen your brand?

As an ambassador of Empire Entertainment and the House on Wheels Reality TV Show, I plan to leverage on the support of the company to showcase my craft and build my brand as an entity. 

As an ambassador, I’m obligated to promote the interests of the company and the show in any way possible, attend events organized by the company, as much as I can, and promote the credibility of the Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show. Every project I choose to embark on promises to receive the unreserved support of the company, especially the media section, and that alone will not only strengthen my brand, but also take my projects to the next level.

What did you actually learn from Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show, do you think it will help you move to the next level or achieve your dream?

As earlier established, the show was full of remarkable and unforgettable experiences; starting from the daily rigorous tasks, to the numerous business training, while we stretched ourselves to harness the untapped gifts and potentials in each and everyone of us. I learnt a whole lot from the one month show. I can now see myself as an entrepreneur and business person, with the knowledge needed to write a bankable business plan and business proposals. Everything is business this days, you’re either selling a good or rendering a service. 

The truth is, we can’t rule out the need to be business inclined neither should we relegate the entrepreneurial spirit to a few business folks; everyone is in business. So, the business internship was the major take home for me, and this will help me navigate the entrepreneurial world better, with a different light to how to run the business side of my brand.

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