Media houses join Anap Foundation’s COVID-19 Hall of Shame Initiative.

The Anap Foundation COVID-19 Think Tank is leading an initiative to enhance the Health Protection Regulations (2021) which is aimed at ensuring that Nigerians adhere to public health advice to stem the spread of the virus.

According to a statement by the foundation’s chairman Atedo Peterside and Abubakar Siddique Mohammed its Vice-Chairman, while the regulation is detailed and if adhered to, will go a long way towards protecting us from the second wave, there is however concern that the regulation is being openly flouted.

“While there is room for mass communication of the regulations – which mainly reiterate the popular, global advice about managing the pandemic (avoiding crowds, physical distancing, washing hands, wearing masks etc.) – we note that duty bearers and people in influential positions are particularly egregious in their disregard for public safety protocols”, the statement said.

“We must continue to act clever and take every opportunity to protect ourselves, our neighbours and our country. We cannot afford another lockdown, but we can also not afford to act like we are not in the middle of a global pandemic that has already claimed 2 million lives globally.”

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