Integrating risk management, strategy, effective leadership panacea for success

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Integrating risk management, strategy and effective leadership panacea for success
Professor Andrew Chambers

Caroline Lucas, An ardent advocate of Nigeria’s greatness and a Director of the UK firm, TEXEM UK says the world has never encountered a more disruptive year than 2020 when COVID-19 negatively affected global organisations.

A statement by Caroline Lucas of TEXEM UK released in Abuja on Sunday announced that on March 10 and March 11,the firm would hold live virtual sessions with Nigerian and other global business leaders to proffer strategies for success in the present uncertain times.

The statement expressed the urgent need for such a programme on “risk management and effective leadership for superlative performance during turbulent times” for public and private sector leaders in Nigeria and Africa for organisations to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.

The company also announced a new website,, for public and private sector executives in Nigeria interested in participating in TEXEM’s programme for optimal, excellent and impactful performance during and after COVID-19.

The statement noted that since the emergence of COVID-19, individuals and all organisations have struggled to survive and flourish.

“However, while focusing on reducing the pandemic’s impact, many have forgotten that there have always been other risks that need attention, too, for organisations to excel during these crises and beyond.

“Hence, to succeed in these dynamic, digital and turbulent times, there is an urgent need for strategic leaders who can align culture, risk and strategy for sustainable success.

“Truth be told, every organisation faces risks, including internal ones that often arise from its daily operations/activities.

“For instance, some risks may arise from inappropriate, unethical, or illegal actions of the employees and even the management.

“These are common, but thankfully, they are preventable.

“Some other risks also come from external sources, and there is little that the management can do to prevent them. They include political and natural disasters.

“But that is not all. Don’t forget there are social and economic landmines too to navigate, one of which triggered EndSARs.

“Cyber threats are still very much around, and the risk from it is growing as we adopt technology more to scale in a period of physical distancing. They did not vanish when COVID – 19 struck.

“Being a leader at such a time requires additional knowledge and skills on how to provide effective leadership,” the statement explained.

It said the two-day virtual executive development programme would address how to integrate culture, risk management, strategy and leadership to thrive.

Faculties that would deliver this programme include Prof. Andrew Chambers, the World’s first Professor of Internal Audit, Professor Randall Peterson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour; Academic Director, Leadership Institute, London Business School, and Mike Wilkins, Managing Director & Senior Research Fellow, Sustainable Finance, S&P Global Ratings.

Others are Ambassador Dr Peter Collecott, Chair of Ambassador Partnerships with and Sir Ambassador Richard Gozney, The Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man and William Brown, Director Control Risks.

When one of the faculties on this programme, Professor Andrew Chambers-World’s First Professor of Internal Audit, Author of the Chambers Handbook of Governance and Former Dean of Cass Business School and Advisor to the House of Lords was asked why should leaders attend this programme? He said:

“Given TEXEM’s impressive pedigree of consistently helping organisations to thrive and the world-renowned faculties, this is a programme that every executive should not miss. Also, the topics that would be covered during this programme is relevant and essential for the success of leaders and organisations.

“Thus, this TEXEM, UK programme on Risk Management & Effective Leadership for Superlative Performance during Turbulent Times scheduled to take place virtually, between 10-11 March 2021, promises to offer valuable insights on how to unlock scarce value in an era where there are few. Through this executive development programme, leaders would enhance their social capital by networking and steepening their learning curve by challenging assumptions.

“Notably, in times of volatility, stiff competition, and slow economic growth, it is easy to get so engrossed in the daily struggle to survive that one forgets to be strategic and focus on optimising performance. This TEXEM, UK programme would help participants to learn how to achieve this and more. You can choose to apply as an individual or as a group from your organisation.

“Every leader is welcome to attend the programme whether you are a CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resource Manager, General Manager, and Chief Marketing Officer.

“Also welcome are Chief Accounting Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Chief Publicity Officer, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Technical Officer and everyone else who occupies a leadership position,” the statement declared.

For more information, please call +44 7425 883791 or email or visit and watch the video at

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