Ebola resurgence: Nigeria, Ghana tighten border surveillance

Nigeria and its West African neighbour, Ghana have heightened surveillance across all borders for the Ebola virus following the detection of seven new cases of the disease in Guinea last Sunday.

Three people have reportedly died, prompting countries to activate response plans in regions, districts and health facilities.

Patrick Kuma-Agboaye, director-general, Ghana Health Service has asked district public emergency health emergency management committees including port health units at all border posts, particularly along Western border and landing beaches to look out of EVD using the standard case definition.

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The Ebola virus which causes severe and often fatal illnesses adds to the woes of pandemic outbreak already facing a world ravaged by COVID-19. The diseases are similar in the mode of transmission from animals to humans and from human to human.

Nigeria has also mounted surveillance at entry points into the country.

The Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 (PTF) is enhancing surveillance at the nation’s points of entry to respond to the recent outbreak of Ebola in neighbouring countries, especially, Guinea and the Congo DCR.

Nigeria’s Port Health Services have been put on alert on land, while sea and air borders as well as major hospitals have also been put on notice for a keen index and to check patient travel history, especially at outpatient departments, and report concerns to infectious disease focal persons and state epidemiologists.

More details coming…

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