Aig-Imoukhuede points way to Nigeria’s transformation

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We've traced forfeited assets to 25 locations in Nigeria — FG

We've traced forfeited assets to 25 locations in Nigeria — FG

States why the book on buying a bank

By Elizabeth Adegbesan

Former Chief Executive Officer, Access Bank Plc, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, said there is a desperate need to mobilize gifted men and women to work in government in Nigeria, adding that the nation is not in short supply of such.

Aig-Imoukhuede stated this at the launch of his new book, “Leaving the Tarmac: Buying a Bank in Africa”, and the unveiling of his Foundation, held virtually yesterday.

He said it’s about time the nation left the tarmac and get “in that plane in the air with the rest of the world moving into the next level”.

He stated: “I feel that Nigeria is right now on the tarmac and we have been left on the tarmac too long. And the principal reason we are left on the tarmac is that we need critical mass of men and women gifted more than ever leading in roles across government, and it is not like we don’t have gifted men and women in Nigeria. I think we are a high IQ nation.

“We have a rich heritage as a nation and we just need to mobilize these people to work for government and in government and start thinking and acting in manner that will make sure we are in that plane in the air with the rest of the world moving into the next level. 

“The Aig Imokhuede Foundation is going to be focused on building capacity in governance as well as something that is very important to me, which is my role in the health care space and one of the things that I am really going to spend time doing is trying to improve a lot of Nigerians when it comes to access to quality primary healthcare.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to say here is N2 or N3 billion or whatever it is going to take and put it aside for that purpose. I am going to have to keep working as long as the foundation dream is going to be kept alive and I have done a deal with my family that even when I am not here they can spin it up.”

According to him, writing the book was an opportunity to recount his experience in a structured sense and to prepare the way for others.

He stated: “Herbert (the current CEO of Access Bank) and I went through a hell of an experience between 2002 and 2013 and for him that experience has continued. We learnt so much. We were exposed to so many things and we had varyingly great mountains that we climbed. And in a sense it will be very selfish of us to lock this up in a box and not share it with others.

“Because I think our experience can be used by any other person who has an ambition to go out there and do whatever it is they seek, whatever it is they dream about and so the notion of writing for posterity and record in this period in my life and probably more important the notion of preparing a way for others. Those are the things that drove me to write the book,” he stated.

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